Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (2024)

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Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (1)

The Muck1.3 update added a lot of exciting features for the game's multiplayer mode, such as trader camps, two new enemies, new weapons and gear, and many bug fixes.You will find many of these new features right at spawn in our top Muck seeds selection.

There are various traders, free weapons in chests, quick access to bosses, and revival totems in these seeds, so if you like to play Muck with your friends online, then be sure to test out every single seed on our list.

If you're looking for the best survival seeds in Muck, we've got you covered with this list of 11 you should check out first.

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Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (2)

Seed: 752881914

This seed will set you off on a good foot with many huts, green chests, and traders, including archers, smiths and woodcutters. All of them can be seen at spawn.

The loot inside the free chests includes:

  • 1x Steel Helmet
  • 37x Iron Bar
  • 30x Gold Bar
  • 15x Flint
  • 16x Shiny Coin
Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (3)

Seed: 90098478

If you want to take on a new Chief boss, then you can do this right at spawn with your buddies.

There are some huts with free loot chests nearby, so you can get some food and weapons right away.

The green chests in the area include:

  • 7x Iron Bar
  • 6x Mithril Bar
  • 14x Iron Bar
  • 84x Shiny Coin
  • 3x Weird Soup
Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (4)

Seed: 612523574

Looter's huts are exceptionally rare, and this seed gives you one right near spawn. The free chest inside will give you a random powerup. If you don't like something you get the first time, you can restart the seed and get something better.

On the other side of the hill you can find the Jack's hut with two green chests holding:

  • 1x Wooden Axe
  • 50x Shiny Coin
Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (5)

Seed: 2576245

This seed is a real survival haven for multiplayer games, as there are three revival totems right at spawn.

There is also a hut with free chests, and the Gronk's statue nearby.

If you travel to the north, you will find a statue of the Guardian with the red gem and a few more revival totems.

Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (6)

Seed: -184745390

Spawn in an area with a Fletcher's hut that has three kinds of arrows inside its green chests, such as flint, iron, and wooden arrows.

The hut nearby with embedded rocks into its structure has three types of pickaxes, including the golden one.

All around you will find more free crates with really useful loot.

Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (7)

Seed: 197390643

This seed will give you a quick access to one of the strongest weapons in the game: Night Blade. It can be found inside one of the chests in the cave, which is indicated by the marker on the map above.

There are also some huts nearby and traders of various types, so be sure to take a look at their deals, too.

Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (8)

Seed: 725797655

In the latest update, the developer of Muck added a new highly powerful weapon: Chief's Spear.

You can find a Spear Tip for this weapon inside one of the green chests near spawn. The chest stands on top of a rock between the huts and the shed to the west of spawn.

There is also a bow and some golden tools inside the chest.

Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (9)

Seed: 134566527

The Pitman's hut near spawn has a tree growing on top of it! This weird coincidence can be seen to the north of spawn.

There is a free chest inside and outside on the rock. But there are more green chests with golden items around as well, containing:

  • 10x Gold Bar
  • 1x Gold Axe
  • 9x Gold Ore
Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (10)

Seed: 673833806

You will spawn next to a cave with all the major ores, such as obamium, adamantite, gold, and iron.

There are also two green chests and some rubies on the ceiling.

Beyond the cave to the north you will see another encampment with some nice loot:

  • 10x Flint Arrow
  • 9x Iron Bar
  • 1x Wood Axe
Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (11)

Seed: -1148957751

Some players prefer to play with Gronk's Sword due to its unusual look. If you're one of them but you don't want to fight Gronk to get the sword, then you can go to a cave indicated by the marker on the map above and find it inside one of the free chests.

Just be careful, as the cave is guarded by a bunch of golems, so be quick about it.

Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (12)

Seed: 747474889

You can find a strange abomination of a structure in this seed if you go a bit to the north from the spawn point.

You will find two huts merged into one, but from different angles that makes it almost impossible to get inside without breaking the walls.

There are two green chests inside with some arrows, so be sure to check it out.


Those are the best Muck seeds for multiplayer sessions. If you want to find more about this survival game, then take a look at our dedicated Muck guides page.

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Top 11 Muck Seeds for Multiplayer (2024)


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