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Throwing An Eclectic Wedding: All The Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Day - Peerspace (1)

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If you’re planning on blending inspiration from a variety of aesthetics and eras to create the perfect eclectic wedding, keep reading! We at Peerspace will provide you with our most useful tips and tricks for finding the right venue, selecting the ideal decor, and choosing bridalwear.

We designed these suggestions to help you plan an eclectic wedding that you, your spouse-to-be, and your guests will never forget. Let’s get started!

Finding a venue for an eclectic wedding

Throwing An Eclectic Wedding: All The Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Day - Peerspace (2)

Choosing a venue is a crucial part of making sure your wedding achieves its full potential. Luckily, eclectic weddings are pretty much all about mixing and matching different aesthetics, so your options are extremely broad. Indoors or outdoors, modern or historic, big or small–this versatility means that pretty much whatever venue appeals to you would be a great choice for your eclectic wedding.

Regardless, you may feel daunted by the prospect of searching for the right wedding venue. What’s the best tool to do so? The answer is Peerspace! It is the premier online marketplace for renting venues of all kinds by the hour, both because of its massive selection (thousands of listings in hundreds of cities) and its ease of use (the site’s search tool is intuitive and you can get really specific about what you’re looking for).

Not sure about what to expect? Here are a couple of venues listed on Peerspace that we think would be ideal for an eclectic wedding:

Urban Eclectic Greenhouse in St. Louis, Missouri

This “gorgeous, funky greenhouse” is “an urban jewel box” that would be hard to beat for an eclectic wedding. It’s also an affordable choice for a small wedding at an hourly price of just $170.

In addition to the greenhouse’s capacity of 40 guests, there’s an attached outdoor patio that allows the space to accommodate even larger groups of people. Conveniently, there is also an indoor kitchenette as well as a restroom for your use. Photography taken here will be beautiful, as there are “windows on 2 walls and on the roof [that] allow tons of natural light in making it a dream for photos/video. A great option for a colorful back drop no matter what season since it’s always filled with plants.”

Unique 1930s Converted Church in Austin, Texas

Here’s another beautiful space for a wedding if you’re located near Austin. We’ll start by quoting a reviewer who held their small wedding here: “We hosted our small wedding ceremony at The Cathedral and it was absolutely beautiful! The natural light and colorful mix of art and furnishings made for beautiful photos. Many of our guests remarked on how gorgeous the space was. Madilyn, the venue coordinator, was super helpful and responsive throughout the process and I managed not to stress at all!”

It’s no wonder the reaction was so positive considering the space’s winning combination of 14-foot ceilings, tons of natural light, original wood flooring, and eclectic furnishings. The hosts call this refurbished church, originally built in the 1930s, “a versatile chameleon that transforms to fit your event and provides beautiful aesthetics and good energy”. And what kind of space could possibly be better for an eclectic wedding?

Eclectic wedding decor

Throwing An Eclectic Wedding: All The Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Day - Peerspace (3)

The point of this wedding aesthetic is to mix and match different looks to create a completely unique vibe that is entirely your own. Whether we’re talking about your bridal bouquet, wedding table centerpieces, wedding arch, or big beautiful wedding cake, it’s a matter of picking and choosing your favorite elements from a variety of different aesthetics and eras.

This means you’ll probably have some modern features and some vintage ones, some homemade items, and some store-bought. Even your stemware and dishes will probably be mismatched, but consider picking items that share one cohesive element, such as having parts that are the same color material.

You’ll certainly want to bring in many different colors, patterns, and textures. Here are photos from a wedding that manages to do that to perfect effect, shared by the Wedding Chicks blog.

Eclectic bridalwear

Throwing An Eclectic Wedding: All The Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Day - Peerspace (4)

As described by wedding blog Day Made, “Wedding attire for this bridal party will be as unique as the individuals – embroidered blazers in an array of colors, bow ties, vests, or fedoras match that modern vibe. Bridesmaids could have vibrant patterns or designs, bright colors, bold makeup, dark sunglasses, or boots instead of heels all to match the vibe of this wedding style”. To suit the eclectic theme, consider asking your bridesmaids to each wear different dresses in a range of complementary hues. This is more eclectic than having them all wear the same color and cut dress.

And what about your wedding dress? Here’s a start: “Look for wedding dress styles that run ahead of the trends – sequins, colors, a variety of hem lengths – wedding dresses that eschew the traditional and match your personality”. This means you probably won’t want to choose a conventional white wedding dress. However, if you do, pick something unique – perhaps a really modern dress or a gorgeous vintage dress from your favorite decade.

For some inspiration in choosing the wedding gown of your dreams for your eclectic wedding, here is a list of 23 unique wedding dresses you probably never knew existed from Brides Magazine. Options on this list range from the dramatic to the otherworldly to the bohemian. There are even a jumpsuit and an all-black dress on there!

If you’re looking for even more potential wedding dress ideas, be sure to also take a look at The Knot’s list of 60 unique statement-making wedding dresses.

Find unique wedding venues on Peerspace

Throwing An Eclectic Wedding: All The Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Day - Peerspace (2024)


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