Six picturesque European destinations for the perfect beach wedding (2024)

We explore some of Europe’s most visited beach-based wedding venues.

Six picturesque European destinations for the perfect beach wedding (1)ADVERTIsem*nT

With wedding season now in full swing, more and more couples are taking to the internet to research what their perfect day could look like.

A lot of us are dying to see the sea again after almost 18 months of complicated travel restrictions across Europe, too.

This means that beach weddings have never been more popular, with Google searches soaring by 50 per cent throughout July.

Finding the perfect setting can be tricky though because there are just so many gorgeous beaches across the continent to choose from.

To find out which were the most picturesque, Showerstoyou looked to Instagram to find the world’s most shareable beach wedding destinations. And many European hotels, villas, and glamping destinations come out tops.

Here are six standout sandy locations to tie the knot.

1. Le Ciel, Santorini, Greece

Overlooking the Caldera cliffs in Greece’s stunning Santorini, Le Ciel has built a reputation for being one of the Mediterranean’s most exquisite beachside wedding spots.

It has been featured in over 80,000 Instagram posts documenting the hotel’s sleek decor, delectable gastronomy, and unforgettable scenery.

Those wanting to go all-in can even hire a wedding planner along with the venue itself to offer expert guidance on what you’ll need to create the perfect day.

Head here for more information.

2. W Barcelona, Spain

W Barcelona professes to be the only hotel in the city with direct access to the beach - an easy draw for romantics looking for a modern setting with sea views.

The Marriott-owned paradise was designed by the world-famous Ricardo Bofill, widely regarded as one of the most impressive architectural minds to ever come out of Spain. Each room offers a panoramic look of both the Mediterranean sea and the city itself.

Couples looking to get married at the W can choose from over 10 venues from within the hotel, catering to groups of up to 1,000 people.

With so much choice on display, there genuinely is something on offer for everyone looking to soak up all 5,000 feet of the San Sebastian sands.

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3. Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

Villa del Balbianello is one of the most famous wedding venues on Lake Como.

The privately-owned residence is open to visitors for tourists but is often hired by fans of the former monastery’s views of this Italian beauty spot.

Though it can’t accommodate overnight stays, guests find themselves with a choice of many 4 and 5-star hotels in the surrounding area. We recommend Hotel Lenno and Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

The happy couple is encouraged to dive headfirst into the Como experience, with Venetian limousine tours of the lake and even a helicopter on offer for those that prefer appreciating the crystalline waters from the air.

Head here for more information.

4. Lusty Glaze, Cornwall, UK

This cove currently holds the title of Britain’s Best Beach, according to the Sunday Times. The “amphitheatre” of Cornish cliffs create a stunning surrounding structure that feels both personal and private.

Couples booking with Lusty Glaze can expect a relaxed, informal, backdrop to a day of romantic bliss. Accommodation packages include 1 and 2-night stays for up to 30 guests across the cove’s chalet, beach cottage, and glamping quarters.

British weather means the venue is most popular in the warmer months between May-September. There are, however, climate-controlled facilities including expansive marquees and lounges that offer a cosier setting for winter weddings.

Six picturesque European destinations for the perfect beach wedding (3)ADVERTIsem*nT

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5. Villa Treville, Amalfi, Italy

Villa Treville’s customisable approach to weddings has thrust the venue into the “highly recommended” category for any Italian planner worth their salt.

It was good enough for dating app Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe (someone we can safely assume to be an expert on all things romance) to be featured in Vogue tying the knot on its grassy hills overlooking the iconic Amalfi Coast.

As you would expect of all things Italian, it has got a catering menu to die for and some staggeringly sophisticated interiors across its variety of suites.

Head here for more information.

Six picturesque European destinations for the perfect beach wedding (4)ADVERTIsem*nT

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6. Adams Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Adams beach offers a traditional chapel, beach gazebo, or intimate garden venue that are all blessed with the sun-drenched offerings of Ayia Napa.

A flexible experience, this paradise encourages the mixing and matching of different settings, menus, and themes to strike the perfect mood for your day. All while overlooking one of the resort’s 14 Blue Flag beaches.

This hotel has a quirky little policy too that could see you coming back to relive the memories of your special day. If your wedding party consists of enough guests to cover 70 room nights, the couple will be gifted a week-long stay back at the Adams at a later date.

Head here for more information.

Six picturesque European destinations for the perfect beach wedding (2024)


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