6ix9ine Net Worth: How Rich Is Tekashi69? (2024)

Well, who doesn’t know everything about the infamous American rapper, 6ix9ine, who got famous for all the wrong reasons in Hollywood. 6ix9ine started his career by dropping great music, and then, with numerous scandals and jail time, he is now totally out of the public eye.

So if you still wanna know more about this infamous rapper, then you need to keep on scrolling through this article and keep reading.

Key Facts

✔ Through a Slovakian label, 6ix9ine uploaded his music on SoundCloud and on YouTube since he didn’t have an account.

✔ His first song Gummo skyrocketed in 2017, it reached number 12 on Billboard chart. It had 275 streams on Spotify and 416 million on YouTube.

✔ After his career took off, he worked with artists like Young Thug, Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez, and Offset.

✔ In 2018, 6ix9ine was sentenced to jail for 37 years for racketeering and other things as a gang member. However, he was out two years later by striking a deal with the prosecution.

✔ Due to COVID, he was released from jail in April 2020 and spent 4 months on home arrest.

Personal Biography

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Before we get to know more about 6ix9ine, there are a few things that you need to know about the rapper.

Name: Daniel Hernandez

Nickname: Tekashi69, Tekashi, 6ix9ine, Wallah Dan

Age: May 8, 1996 (age 26)

Years Active: 2012 – 2018, 2020 – present

Gender: Male

Occupation: Rapper

Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)

Weight: 64 kg

Country: United States

6ix9ine net worth: $500 thousand

Labels: Gine, Create, 10K Projects, Virgin, Scumgang, Tr3yway

Place of Birth: New York City

Early Life

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Born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, to a Puerto Rican Father and Mexican mother. He had a hard life growing up, he was expelled from school when he was in 8th grade, and since then, he has never returned. After his stepfather got murdered in 2009, to turned to selling drugs to support his mother.

He was very emotionally disturbed after the death of his stepfather, he started to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and was also hospitalized for depression as well.


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He started his career back in 2014 when he started to drop rap songs. Then three years after releasing multiple songs and tracks, he started to receive attention for his aggressive style of rapping. Most of his early songs were released by a Slovakian record label called FCK THEM.

He became prominent on social media back in 2017, when he turned into a meme for his eccentric behavior and appearance. This was the year when he dropped his track, “Gummo,” which immediately peaked on the charts of Billboard Hot 100 at rank 12.

Next year in 2018, he dropped a mixtape called “Day69,” the album was released at the number four spot on Billboard Hot 100. 6ix9ine collaborated with other artists like Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, and Murda Beatz. He dropped songs like Gotti, Fefe, and KINGS in the year 2018.

In 2018, he was arrested and sentenced to 37 years in prison, but that got reduced to two years when he took a plea deal and “snitched” on his other gang members, Nine Trey Gangsters Street Gang.

Here are some of the albums of the 6ix9ine music career.

🎼 69(song, 2017)

🎼 YOKAI (Song, 2017)

🎼 Tekashi69(Album, 2017)

🎼 GOTTI(Song, 2018)

🎼 FEFE(Song, 2018)

🎼 DAY69(Album, 2018)

🎼 TATI(Song, 2018)

🎼 World Domination Tour(2018)

🎼 GOOBA(Song, 2020)

🎼 TROLLZ(Song, 2020)

Here are some of his hits songs.

🎵 Keke (ft. Fetty Wrap and a Boogie wit da Hoodie)

🎵 Tic Toc (ft. Lil Baby)

🎵 Billy

🎵 Rondo (ft. Young Thug and Tory Lanez)

🎵 Tutu

🎵 Mala (ft. Anuel AA)

🎵 Locked Up Pt.2 (ft. Akon)

🎵 Waka (ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie)

🎵 Mama (ft. Nicki Minaj and Kanye)

🎵 Kika (ft. Tory Lanez)

6ix9ine Net Worth

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As of now, 2023, in March, 6ix9ine net worth is $500 thousand.After getting out of jail, he bought himself an amazing Mercedes McLaren P1. He bought this car for $2,000,000. Along with this car, he already owned a Rolls Royce Ghost, which is around $300,000.

YearNet Worth
2019$7 million
2020$8 million
2021$9 million
2022$0.5 million

Favorite Quotes From 6ix9ine

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Here are a few of your favorite 6ix9ine quotes that you will enjoy for sure.

“If you need a plate, then you could hit me on my turf. I need twenty-five, try to stick me, and that gun burst I need all of mine. Try to try me, and it’s Columbine. Let that Ruger fly, automatic poppin’ at your guys.”

“I sympathize with part of that sentence. Just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong is a perfect way to end an argument. Nonetheless, it’s really hard for me to get past the idea that that is the true meaning of 69. 6ix9ine has gotten famous, so perhaps he feels that he’s more of an authority on 69 than the rest of us, but I’m here to say that the true meaning of 69 is sex.”

“It’s f*ckin’ TR3YWAY! It’s King of New York, lookin’ for the Queen. Uh, you got the right one; L-let these-I-let these b-b-bitches know, ni**a, Queen, Brooklyn, brr, ah! Murda on the beat so it’s not nice.”

“Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all do track. They don’t shoot back, one shot, close range, red dot head tight, yeah, I did that, yeah. I live that. Call an Uber with my shooter, with a Ruger, we gon’do ya ni**a say they killin’ people, but I really f*ckin do it. ”

Wrapping Up!

Now that we have a clear understanding of who 6ix9ine is and what 6ix 9ine net worth is then, you can keep an update on him and his career if you want to. So if you like this article then give us a like and comment down below, to let us know.

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6ix9ine Net Worth: How Rich Is Tekashi69? (2024)


6ix9ine Net Worth: How Rich Is Tekashi69? ›

6ix9ine's Biography

How much is tekashi69 worth right now? ›

6ix9ine has a net worth of $500,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.
Real NameDaniel Hernandez
Net Worth$500,000
DOB (Age)May 8, 1996
Weight64 kg
6 more rows
Dec 15, 2023

Where does Tekashi 6ix9ine live? ›

New York City, U.S.

How is 69 still making money? ›

6ix9ine's earnings mainly come from his music, including two successful albums and up to $500,000 per show. He also makes around $100,000 per month from his 12 million monthly Spotify listeners.

How much money has 69 donated? ›

Rapper 6ix9ine has had a $200,000 (£163,000) donation to a children's charity rejected. The No Kid Hungry campaign said it has a policy of rejecting funding from donors who do not fit with its values.

What part of Florida does 6ix9ine live in? ›

Tekashi 6ix9ine faced another legal setback in the United States when federal agents visited his home in Lake Worth, Florida. The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office confirmed they were called to assist IRS agents in an operation at Tekashi's residence.

What ethnicity is Tekashi69? ›

On March 22, 2020, Hernandez requested to serve prison at home because he is at a higher risk of attracting the COVID-19 due to his asthma. Hernandez is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

What happened with 69 and Yailin? ›

Tekashi was accused of "physical and psychological violence against" Yailin, prompting the police to haul him into the Palace of Justice in the DR's capital city. We're told the case is being investigated by the Department Of General Violence, which handles domestic violence cases.

How much did 69 pay for security? ›

Allen Hollimon, CEO of Texas company Nationwide Security Service says the standard for his company's daily protection is $125/hour. Over the course of one year, that would roughly cost 6ix9ine $1.09 million, although Hollimon said he would reduce the rate considering the length of the job.

Who is the richest rapper in the world? ›

Jay-Z is the richest rapper in the world with a net worth of USD 2.5 billion. He is the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire. – What is Kendrick Lamar's net worth in 2024? Kendrick Lamar's net worth as per Celebrity Net Worth is estimated to be USD 75 million.

How much did Tekashi sell first week? ›

Tekashi 6ix9ine ends the week with 55,000 album sales while Big Sean has the week's top-selling album, set to debut at #1 with 111,000 sales. After such a crazy week for album sales, the final figures have been released, calculating the end result for Tekashi 6ix9ine, Big Sean, and more.

How much money does Kodak have? ›

Headquarters in Rochester, New York
Net incomeUS$75 million (2023)
Total assetsUS$2.36 billion (2023)
Total equityUS$931 million (2023)
Number of employees4,000 (2023)
15 more rows


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