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Bridal Shower Centerpieces Clear Acrylic Sign Elaborate Bridal Shower Cake Design Ombre Garland Lots of Stars Ring Cake Toppers Last Name Sign Floral Garland Custom Bridal Shower Plates Vintage China Bridal Shower Here Sign Custom Napkins Shower Table Decorations Bridal Bingo Tropical Bridal Shower Theme Flower Bar Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme Floral Chandelier Rustic Ladder Custom Banners Flower Crowns Succulent Favors “Mrs.” Balloons Refreshment Station Succulent Centerpieces “Miss” to “Mrs.” Banner Tulle Drink Charms Rustic Banners Monogrammed Napkins Gold Bridal Shower Decor Tropical Leaves Shower Welcome Sign Custom Name Tags Shower Tapestry Backdrop Bridal Shower Gift Display Paris Theme Champagne Wall Bridal Shower Brunch String Lights Donut Wall Champagne Tower Rose Gold Bridal Shower Crepe Paper Garland Picture Frames Shower Photo Booth Glitter Flatware Balloon Letters Glass Bottle Decor Rustic Bridal Shower Cupcake Bar Silly Straws Burlap Tablecloths Chalkboard Signs Place Cards Wedding Day Countdown Glittery Champagne Flutes Girly Photo Booth Props Tea Sandwiches Oversized Balloons Lanterns Bride to Be Chair Cover Vintage Teapots Terra Cotta Pots Glitter Push-Pops Confetti Greenery Mimosa Bar Invitations Table scape Future “Mrs.” Cake Topper Decorative Candles Monograms Photograph Balloons Custom Plastic Cups Chair Covers Bulk Candy Bar Tablecloths Champagne Bottle Guest Book Peg Letter Board Heart Coasters Paper Flowers Dress Form Decor Instagram Photo Booth Bling Banner Themed Seating Chart Bridal Advice Cards How Well Do You Know the Bride Quiz Floating Light Balloons Baby Photos of the Bride and Groom Diamond Ring Piñata Bouquet Favors Custom co*cktails Lemonade Bar Custom Coasters Balloon Arch Custom Straws Table Numbers Couple’s Initials Floral Napkin Rings “She Said YAAAS” Banner What is the Bridal Shower? Who Hosts the Bridal Shower? References

No shower is complete without bridal shower decorations! Whether your bride is looking for an all-out affair or a low-key event, there are plenty of bridal shower decoration ideas to consider.

Here are some of our favorite bridal shower ideas! Make your bridal shower party memorable with some of these beautiful decoration ideas.

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Bridal shower decor ideas are endless. If you have been given the opportunity to host a bridal shower, it may seem intimidating to host such an important event for the bride.

You may begin to ask yourself: How do I choose which decorations to use? Or what bridal shower theme would the bride like?

Even with so many different options for shower decoration ideas, some bridal shower hosts still struggle to find cute decorations that are creative and trendy. How can you even begin to narrow down all those ideas on Pinterest?

Don’t worry, we have you covered on some of the most fabulous bridal shower decoration ideas ever!

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If you are blessed with the chance to be a maid of honor or the host of a bridal shower, make sure you use some of these amazing bridal shower decoration ideas!

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

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Finding the perfect bridal shower table centerpieces can be a difficult task. If you want to create budget-friendly centerpieces, you can purchase ceramic bud vases to place flowers in. Florals for your bridal shower can be displayed in small vases on tables.

Clear Acrylic Sign

Clear acrylic signs can add a classy touch to bridal shower decor.

Elaborate Bridal Shower Cake Design

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An elaborate bridal shower cake can add a decorative element that is also edible! Ask a local bakery to create a unique shape or design with cake so it can serve as decoration and as something sweet!

Ombre Garland

Depending on your color scheme, choose ombre garland that transitions from a darker shade to a lighter shade.

Lots of Stars

One elegant bridal shower decoration option is to use stars to create a galaxy of decor in your venue space.

Ring Cake Toppers

If you want a cute decoration for sweets and cupcake, use these ring cake toppers!

Last Name Sign

Make the guest of honor, the bride, feel welcome by displaying her new last name on a sign. Decorate the sign with flowers or glitter to fit with whichever theme you choose.

Floral Garland

Floral elements are gorgeous at your bridal shower and a perfect touch.

Custom Bridal Shower Plates

It may seem hard to have an affordable bridal shower when you want to order custom items. There are many websites where you can order custom plates for cheaper prices than most.

Vintage China

Instead of paper products, opt for vintage china for a fancy touch.

Bridal Shower Here Sign

Outside of your venue, display a sign that tells guests that this is where the bridal shower will be!

Custom Napkins

You can have custom napkins made with whatever you want written on them!

Shower Table Decorations

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Decorate your tables with confetti, glitter, paper flowers, stars, or any other decorative elements that will tie your theme together.

Bridal Bingo

Need a bridal shower game? Try bridal bingo with wedding related terms on it!

Tropical Bridal Shower Theme

One amazing bridal shower theme is to make it tropical! If your bride is getting married at a specific destination or in the summer months, this may be a unique option for you!

Flower Bar

Florals are the ultimate bridal decoration. Use flowers to decorate your bar space!

Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

A tea party bridal shower theme is classic. Depending on the bride’s preferences for food and drink, organize tea sandwiches and a tea bar display.

Floral Chandelier

Floral chandeliers are gorgeous at wedding and bridal shower venues!

Rustic Ladder

If you are going for a rustic aesthetic, use a vintage wooden ladder to display signs, or old photographs of the bride and her groom.

Custom Banners

Order a custom banner to greet your guest of honor!

Flower Crowns

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Wearing flower crowns at the bridal shower can add an ethereal touch to this special occasion and be a fun accessory for guests.

Succulent Favors

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Having your guests bring home their own succulent favor is a perfect way to end your day!

“Mrs.” Balloons

Add some elegance by purchasing clear balloons with the phrase “Mrs.” on them. These can create a backdrop for photos, or just a beautiful decoration for your venue.

Refreshment Station

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Add a refreshment station with non-alcoholic beverages for younger and older guests.

Succulent Centerpieces

If you would rather use succulents instead of flowers, they can make great centerpieces for the tables that guests will sit at!

“Miss” to “Mrs.” Banner

Your guest of honor is becoming a “Mrs.” soon, so celebrate it!


This light fabric can be used in many different ways to decorate your bridal shower venue.

Drink Charms

Use drink charms to keep track of which drink belongs to who!

Rustic Banners

If you are planning a rustic bridal shower, use burlap or another rustic fabric to create banners for your venue space.

Monogrammed Napkins

Napkins with a monogram touch make the theme go together!

Gold Bridal Shower Decor

Gold is a classic color that can go well with lots of colors. If you want a fabulous shower theme, choose to exclusively use gold elements so that everything goes together.

Tropical Leaves

If you go for a tropical theme, use palm leaves for an authentic touch.

Shower Welcome Sign

Once guests walk into the venue, make sure they are prepared for your event by placing welcome signs at the door so guests can know where to enter.

Custom Name Tags

At the bridal shower, sometimes guests will meet people they have never met before. Help them out and use name tags so guests can get to know each other!

Shower Tapestry Backdrop

If you have a wall at your venue that you would like to cover or decorate, place a themed bridal shower tapestry on the wall. This can add some decor to your bridal shower venue and even be used as a photo backdrop.

Bridal Shower Gift Display

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One of the most important parts of the shower is when the bride opens her gifts, so make sure guests know where to place them by decorating your gift table.

Paris Theme

Try a Parisian theme for a unique decoration idea!

Champagne Wall

A new trend for bridal showers is to display champagne glasses on a champagne wall. This creates a visually appealing board where guests can go up and grab a glass.

Bridal Shower Brunch

100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (10)

Brunch is one of the most popular meals that is served at bridal showers because usually they occur in the late morning or early afternoon. Depending on what your venue allows, serve seasonal fruits and lots of brunch items to impress your guests.

String Lights

Use string lights to add a little magic and light to your venue space.

Donut Wall

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Instead of traditional desserts such as cookies, serve unconventional desserts such as donuts. Donut walls have become a wedding trend due to the fact that they are both functional and visually appealing.

Champagne Tower

100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (12)

Get the party started with a champagne tower!

Rose Gold Bridal Shower

Instead of just using gold as an accent metal, choose rose gold if your bride loves pinkish tones.

Crepe Paper Garland

Crepe paper makes an excellent decorative element that can be used in various ways.

Picture Frames

Decorate your venue space with pictures of the bride as a child up until her current age for some memories.

Shower Photo Booth

Make sure you include a photo booth or photo backdrop in your bridal shower venue so guests can remember your event!

Glitter Flatware

Glitter spoons, forks, and knives are gorgeous, sparkly touches!

Balloon Letters

Make an impact with large balloon letters that spell out fun bridal shower phrases.

Glass Bottle Decor

Use old glass bottles to create floral arrangements and table decor.

Rustic Bridal Shower

A rustic bridal shower theme is a good way to tie the shower in with the bride’s wedding theme!

Cupcake Bar

Cupcakes are the perfect hand held dessert option for your bridal shower.

Silly Straws

Straws with decorations on them can liven up the bridal shower and make it a fun, party-like atmosphere!

Burlap Tablecloths

If you are going for a rustic theme, use burlap to cover your tables.

Chalkboard Signs

Place chalkboard signs in your venue to label where to place gifts, the food menu, or co*cktail menu.

Place Cards

If you are having a large bridal shower, you may want to use place-cards on your tables to let guests know where to sit.

Wedding Day Countdown

Make a wedding day countdown to display at the bridal shower.

Glittery Champagne Flutes

Adding a glittery tone to champagne flutes is an additional touch that will not go unnoticed by guests.

Girly Photo Booth Props

Girly and feminine photo booth props are ideal for a bridal shower.

Tea Sandwiches

100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (13)

If you chose a tea party theme, tea sandwiches are an adorable menu item that are perfect for a teatime shower!

Oversized Balloons

Big oversized balloon displays are a perfect decoration for your bridal shower!


Place lanterns with candles around your shower for a gorgeous decorative touch.

Bride to Be Chair Cover

Decorate the bride’s seat with special chair covers to make the guest of honor feel like a queen!

Vintage Teapots

If you are having a tea party theme, decorate the space with vintage teapots.

Terra Cotta Pots

For a garden themed wedding, use terra cotta pots as a decoration.

Glitter Push-Pops Confetti

Buy glitter push-pop confetti shooters for a fun, celebratory party favor.


Greenery can be just as gorgeous as florals!

Mimosa Bar

A great addition to your brunch menu other than food is to serve popular brunch drinks such as Mimosas.


Your bridal shower invitations are essential to setting the tone of your bridal shower theme.

Table scape

An important part of wedding shower decorations is to use fresh flowers and other decorations to create a table scape. This gets your guests excited for the celebration and makes your space truly stunning!

Future “Mrs.” Cake Topper

If you are having a bridal shower with a cake, use an adorable cake topper as extra decoration!

Decorative Candles

Using decorative candles is a great way to add some special touches to your shower venue.


Monograms are a classy design option for custom decorations.

Photograph Balloons

Hang photographs from balloons for a magical decorative element.

Custom Plastic Cups

If you want an affordable custom option, order custom plastic cups to serve drinks in.

Chair Covers

Use chair covers transform your venue space.

Bulk Candy Bar

Purchase bulk candy from a distributor online to create a fun candy bar at your bridal shower at an affordable price.


Using tablecloths will make your venue and table look come together.

Champagne Bottle Guest Book

Have your guests sign a champagne bottle as a guest book.

Peg Letter Board

Use peg letter boards to add some personality into your decorations.

Heart Coasters

Use coasters shaped like hearts for an extra decorative element.

Paper Flowers

Instead of having to worry about bud vases, vase filler, and aging florals, opt for paper flowers!

Dress Form Decor

Using a dress form is a great way to add a decorative touch to the venue.

Instagram Photo Booth

Create an Insta-worthy photo booth as a fun activity for guests.

Bling Banner

A bling banner is a product that you can purchase at a party supply store. You don’t have to break the bank for a large bridal shower banner, and depending on the size of the banner, it is an opportunity to cover parts of the wall that you may not want visible to guests.

Themed Seating Chart

Create a seating chart that involves other decorative elements that go along with your theme.

Bridal Advice Cards

A common trend with bridal showers is to give the bride a variety of advice for her marriage. These can be anything from kitchen tips, marital traditions, or funny moments written on cards. The bride will have lots of content by the end of the day!

How Well Do You Know the Bride Quiz

Create a custom quiz about the bride for guests to play along with.

Floating Light Balloons

These floating white balloons are absolutely stunning when they light up!

Baby Photos of the Bride and Groom

Decorate the venue with baby photos of the bride and groom.

Diamond Ring Piñata

A piñata shaped like a ring can be a good decoration and activity for guests of all ages.

Bouquet Favors

100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (14)

Give your guests a chance to take home a bonus party favor by giving away your bouquets at the end of the day.

Custom co*cktails

If you want to have a party bridal shower, make sure you serve some drinks! Create custom co*cktails with unique names such as “the blushing bride.”

Lemonade Bar

Have a lemonade bar as a non-alcoholic option for guests.

Custom Coasters

Order coasters online that are custom for a decoration that is made just for your shower!

Balloon Arch

A popular bridal shower idea is to create a gorgeous balloon arch. The perfect bridal shower balloon arch can be created by simply buying balloons from a party supply store and creating a DIY display.

Custom Straws

Order custom monogrammed straws for an extra special touch.

Table Numbers

Let your bridal shower guests know where to sit by placing table numbers on each table. Go through your shower guest list to assign seats based on your knowledge of the bride.

Couple’s Initials

Use the couple’s initials are a perfect decoration element to use throughout your shower.

Floral Napkin Rings

A fun bridal shower accessory is to use floral napkin rings!

“She Said YAAAS” Banner

This funny custom banner is sure to set the tone for the bridal shower.

What is the Bridal Shower?

100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (15)

There are lots of celebrations that coincide with the actual wedding. The bridal shower is one of those events that is associated with the wedding but serves another purpose. The bridal shower is planned to celebrate exclusively the bride-to-be.

Typically this event is attended by women who are close to the bride. Bridal showers usually happen sometime in the mid-morning into the afternoon. Guests are expected to bring gifts to the bride so that she can set up her new home with her future husband.

Things such as kitchen items, lingerie, jewelry, or other homemaking items are all common bridal shower gifts.

Who Hosts the Bridal Shower?

100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (16)

Typically the maid of honor hosts the bridal shower. There are so many other responsibilities that she has to manage, such as dress shopping, helping the bride, and also bridal shower planning. Perhaps this is the most important responsibility that the maid of honor has, as it will be a very special moment for the bride.

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100 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Theme - Yeah Weddings (2024)


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